Updating a driver - MS Device Manager

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Updating a driver - MS Device Manager

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Updating a driver - MS Device Manager

Next right click the "Start" button to choose from Power User menu the "Device Manager".

Any drivers still missing or in error (with a !) in Device Manager after all Updates are installed can be found on the Support Downloads webpage for the model PC or device, along with other OEM software which you can wait to see if you really need.

Over time I'd compare drivers in Device Manager with those available on the PC or Device's Support Downloads webpage to install any newer drivers found. If you install a driver and it performs badly you can Roll Back on its Driver tab in Device Manager.

MS Display driver is a placeholder driver which only should be used when no other possible driver will install as it will not allow Sleep or Hibernate. So if Updates don't provide a better driver, import it from the PC model's Support Downloads webpage – starting with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 driver, if necessary installed in Compatibility Mode. If this fails check the PC or device maker's Support Downloads webpage to let it scan for the needed download to install.

Unknown Devices are often card reader drivers posted on the PC model's Support Downloads webpage along with other drivers which may be revealed by a function still missing on the PC such as laptop function keys or keyboard lighting, or can be traced using Device Manager - Finding Unknown Devices.

Co-processor, SM Bus controller, USB and Storage controllers are often elements of the chipset. If no chipset is posted on your PC or motherboard model's Downloads page, use Intel Drive Update Utility, NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Automatically Detect NVIDIA Products or AMD Auto-Detect to find your chipset, or ask in our Installation forum.

You can also trace any missing driver using Hardware ID. It's often faster to google the Driver's Details tab Hardware ID (from dropdown menu) than to look it up - see Updating a driver which covers this thoroughly. In the results be careful to screen out tricky driver finder ads in favor of actual driver downloads.

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