Philosophical stories and insights

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Philosophical stories and insights

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Story 1:
A violinist, in recital violin. He pulled pulled, G strings suddenly cut off, how to do it he did not stop, he immediately changed a song, this song from start to finish can not have the G string. He plays very successful, the audience gave him a warm applause.
Sentiment: that is the courage to face setbacks in life, another turn in one direction and development.

Story 2:
A man, left his childhood home, to find the meaning of life. He looked twenty years, thousands of miles away road, looking very hard. Finally, he passed a farm, often at night, he saw the farmer and his wife, children, is a laugh, enjoy their grandchildren. He looked after, that have found the meaning of life, to end his wandering, gone home.
Sentiment: the warmth of family, despite traversing the horizon could not find.

Story 3:
God had made man, when each person is the back of a big burden. Humans often complain to God, blame their burden too heavy, others too light. One day, God called these people exchange burden, but the burden of other people come back later, but feel more heavy, I feel relaxed as before.
Sentiment: law-abiding contentment, cherish now have.

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